Шкаф с медицинскими картами

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Знакомый Пилотта

Re: Шкаф с медицинскими картами

Сообщение Знакомый Пилотта » 09.06.2013, 11:34


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милотт пудак

Re: Шкаф с медицинскими картами

Сообщение милотт пудак » 09.06.2013, 11:37

Recently I started to like covering myself in stale feces and masturbating. Almost every morning I walk around my neighborhood with a large black garbage bag and collect all the crap I see. It takes a whole day to get two bags full of shit. But it all pays off when I come home after a hard day, go to the bathroom, turn on the hot water and…mmm, pour all the crap into the bathtub. And then I masturbate, imagining that I’m being devoured by all the feces. All in all, I think, that poo has its own mind, each pile of shit has its own family, place, feelings, we shouldn’t just flush them down the toilet, we should take care of them, talk to them, pet them… And you know what, I had a wonderful dream while lying in the bathtub yesterday, I dived into the sea and it turned into shit, fish, seaweed, jellyfish, everything turned into poo, even the sky, Allah himself.

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Re: Шкаф с медицинскими картами

Сообщение Jane Grey » 09.06.2013, 12:18

Фууу, ну и жесть. Фу-фу-фу.
Я посылаю всё на х#й.
Первым делом я шлю на х#й тебя.
Именно тебя,
И никого другого, о-у-о,


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