What's Old School Runescape popular?

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What's Old School Runescape popular?

Сообщение Amerzone » 15.12.2020, 03:29

I watched a movie about mmorpgs and the guy recommend osrs over 3 why is that? How can it be better? It is all perspective. People who perform osrs hate rs3, no matter what rs3 has or does they will despise it WITH cheap RuneScape gold. They may have never even tried the sport but to them it is the worst game ever. Some in the rs3 community have the same considering osrs,

My advice, do not be concerned about what other men and women think. Try both and decide based upon the one you like the most. As soon as you start focusing on you rather than what others believe you'll have much more fun. This really goes for Rs and virtually everything else in life. I dislike the management behind it, but I think RS3 is essentially an excellent game that I miss playingwith. But I really don't want to return due to the staff.

Please do not generalize OSRS players as universally hating the match. Some of us quit RS3 for OSRS yes, but it does not equate to a hate for the game. Some people simply don't like the direction of the game. Some people do not like MTX, people have their reasons for not enjoying beyond blind hatred. I will acknowledge that yes, there are loads of OSRS players that dislike RS3 despite having no experience with it, but maybe not all of us are like this.

The very same folks who run RS3 also run OSRS. The distinction is hindsight. The company understands that it made some terrible decisions and steered RS3 in the wrong direction so that they released OSRS to attempt to recover players who quit when EoC came out. They now run OSRS by letting the players steer the management of this game so that they can maintain player retention RS3 gold. That is why you don't have surprise MTX updates or some other comprehensive battle system rewrites.


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